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28.02.2018 - What are the chances you win 6/49 Lotto game?

Have you ever wondered what is the possibility to win, for example Super Lotto (6/49)? We have comapred the chances with popular event like chances of dying in car accident. What have we found? Read more..

12.02.2018 - The lottery win, that didn't exist..

This story tells that you always should be very perfect when working for lottery. You can't mistake the result if you don't want people to be very dissapointed after the draw. Read more..

17.01.2018 - Huge Powerball win in USA - 570 million dollars!

Do you believe in the big win on the lottery?! These twoguys from North America don't have to no more believe. They won in sum over 1$ billion in Powerball and Mega Millions! Read more..

16.11.2017 - The homeless Man changes his life through a big lottery win!

Sometimes good fortune touches good people. Homeless person won millions in the lottery and was very reasonable - helped other people rather than himself. Big win changed his life though. Read more..

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