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Press mentions about Pcsodraw.com

  • African Lottery fan site says about us: "Asians are known over the globe as very keen players. They allocate far more earnings for gambling than the usual South African citizen. Lotteries existed in the Philippines as early as 1833. Firstly, the Spanish government conducted lottery games to generate revenues. The most playable games in PH are Lottos. These are simple Lotto's known over the world as games where you need to pick up 6 numbers without bonus ball."
  • Polish Lottery site says about us: "Are Filipino games similar to Polish? Let's check it! The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is responsible for the lottery in the Philippines, which is a lottery organized by a charity foundation, but also a section responsible for, for example, the police in the Philippines (www.pcso.gov.ph). The game that generates the biggest jackpot is of course Ultra Lotto, because of the six numbers are drawn from 58 number pool. The game is similar to the world's Powerball lottery format. It's hard to win - three times harder than Polish Lotto."