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4-Digit Lotto results - 05/17/2024

0 7 0 3

Jackpot for - 05/17/2024 is ₱ 18351

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This game is specific. Draws are conducted in different four chambers of the drawing machine. Numbers vary 0-9 in every chamber separately. Every chamber has ten balls initially. In everyone, one ball is picked. You win having at last two last digits from given digit string, formed by drawn digits. All matched number must be in exact order!
  • Find proper play slip at the outlet.
  • Choose four digits from 0 to 9.
  • 4-Digit Lotto ticket costs ₱ 10.
  • Digits can repeat!
  • It is always better to double check results with your numbers on the coupon.
  • Draws schedule - Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9 PM - PTV or PCSO live stream on the internet.
  • 4-Digit Lotto results are always presented on this page, refreshed after the draw.
You can play the game using system play; this table shows possible systems:

SystemHow ToCost ₱
Roll 1Choose three numbers. The first number of your ticket will be generated by a central lottery system covering every possible option 0-9. This exacts sending ten cards with every possible first digit instead of manually filling play slip.100.00
Roll 4Works the same as system named Roll 1. Except, the system generates for you the last digit not first of four digit game.100.00
Rambol/Perm In this system play system creates all possible combinations of digits given the specifics they must fulfill, shown below (all possible):100.00
4 different digits = 24 combinations240.00
2 different digits & 2 the same digits - pair = 12 comb.120.00
2 different airs of the same digits = 6 comb.60.00
same 3 digits and 1 different - 4 comb.40.00


The minimum payout amount is ₱ 10,000 for every ₱ 10 played. There are no rollovers like in lottos. First prize is always split between all players who matched 4/4 in exact order. Lower prize dividends have maximum possible payouts shown below:

Winning numbersPrizeOdds of winning
4 - Jackpotmax. ₱ 10,000.001 in 10,000
3max. ₱ 800.001 in 1,000
2max. ₱ 100.001 in 100

The 4-Digit game was first of this type game presented in the Philippines. It started on 04.08.1997 and is continued till now.

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