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New PCSO Lotto ticket prices starting 23 July 2018 (UP 20%)!

Published: July 30, 2018

All PCSO players: be aware that from date 23.07.2018 there is a change in all PCSO Lottery tickets prices! It is due to the new law - Republic Act No. 10960 also known as TRAIN (Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law). Because of Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) all ticket prices change as shown below.

Note: the changes to the ticket prices presented in this article were reverted two years later.

Mini Sweepstakes: Current Php 5.0 + DST Php 1.0 = New Price Php 6.0
Digit Games, Swertres, Ez2 and Keno: Current Php 10.0 + DST Php 2.0 = New Price Php 12.0
Lotto Games (Ultra, Grand, Mega, Super, Lotto): Current Php 20.0 + DST Php 4.0 = New Price Php 24.0

This concerns all PCSO lottery products.

Originally new PCSO lottery prices were scheduled to come into effect on 8th July, but it was postponed as mentioned before. The price increase needs many systems to be adjusted, so the lottery manager decided to postpone it. To be more specific, POSC (Pacific Online Systems Corporation) requested two weeks to make changes. This firm is a technical provider of Philippines lotteries.

These prices increase in compliance with Tax Reform. Also, since January 2018 all Lotto prizes above R10,00 are taxed 20 percent.