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PCSO lotto ticket price is reverted back to PHP 20

Published: July 1, 2020

Some time ago PCSO has changed the prices of the most popular philippine lotto games. There was a rise from php 20 to php 24. Nowadays PCSO is aiming to revert that change.

On June 8th the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office announce that prices of lotto games are again php 20, although the lottery still can't be restarted due to coronavirus situation. The price of lotto product was restructured after the study and analysis. It was first suggested by lotto agents, and of course - the gaming public. The new price includes vat. It was stated by the general manager of PCSO - Royina Garma.

Lotto prices were raised back then in 2018 to comply with a new law, Tax Reform to be exact. It also caused the inclusion of vat in the lotto ticket price.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PCSO is searching for ideas to keep operating while there are is no income from halted lottery sales. The main idea is to attract more players to raise funds for charity from sales. Agency is planning to change the prize structure. Winners of second-tier payout should be given the whole amount, not dived by all players like in the past.

However, we are still waiting for PCSO Lottery games to resume lotto sales...

Source: pna.gov.ph