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He had a ban on playing scratch cards, and he won million dollars!

Published: June 12, 2018

A man sits alone in a dark, closed bathroom quietly scratching a Lotto scratch card produced by the Michigan lottery. He must hide because of his girlfriend, as he promised that he would no longer waste money on scratch cards and gambling in general. However, he ignored this ban from his beloved and was scratching coupons like crazy. Suddenly, the digits that could change his life appeared before his eyes. Ironically, the act of disobedience turned out to be a salvation for him. He won a million dollars. At that moment, he thought he was going to have a heart attack because he was in such shock. He won the money because he decided to risk it again, putting his relationship on the line.

This is the story of a man from Livonia in the United States who wanted to remain anonymous, and the organizer allowed his request, although it is common in the United States to show the faces of winners. One of his winning numbers was 27, and this number on this particular ticket was worth $1 million. We know this mechanism from different world scratch cards. In some of them, you first scrape the field with numbers that you must then find in the box below. If you find one of your numbers, you win the assigned amount. The winner had to read the lottery rules on the internet many times because he could not believe that he had become a millionaire.

As usually happens, he bought his scratch card at a gas station. However, it almost did not happen at all. Happiness is due to the failure of the automatic receipt printer. For this reason, he had to go to another building to pay. By the way, he took one scratch card called the 50X The Cash ticket, which costs $10. He won 100,000 times more. However, theoretically, because he would get a million dollars if he decided to make long-term payments every month. Lotteries in the US have different withdrawal methods, with immediate cash-out being worthless. That's why he only got $634,517.

Now he is planning a European holiday and is laughing that perhaps next time his partner will not be so skeptical about scratch cards and gambling. However, until that time, he has not won anything significant, only small amounts from scratch cards. He bought some tickets in the past and won $5 two times.