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05.04.2018 - PCSO lottery taxes guide - is Lotto actually tax free?

Is Lotto in Philippines really tax free? There are many misconceptions considering the tax system in the lottery industry. We tried to track new law changes in this matter. What we found? Read more..

28.03.2018 - How the lottery win has changed the life of the worker in UK

The lottery can totally change your life. It became obvious to a man from Unnited Kingdom, who won about PHP 580 million lottery prize! Read to know what he did with the all the money. Read more..

20.03.2018 - How to claim PCSO Lotto prize?

Even if you did not win the lottery yet, you should be prepared. When you win, you will not have much time and nerves to think clearly how to claim the PCSO Lotto ticket in the safe way. Read more..

10.03.2018 - What to do with php 6.5 billion lottery win?!

Can you even imagine almost 7 billion PHP lottery win? That was unbelieveable to one player living in USA, who won this kind of money in 2014. Read more..

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