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The Philippines Casino Industry Set to Double Revenue by 2028

Explore the growth, challenges, and upcoming casino projects in this vibrant Asian gambling hub.

Publication: 10/11/2023

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Dream Bigger with Eurojackpot: The Lottery that's Creating Millionaires Across Europe!

Discover the secrets of Eurojackpot, the pan-European lottery creating millionaires across Europe.

Publication: 08/04/2023

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The history of the PCSO lottery and gambling in the Philippines

Gambling has been a popular entertainment in the Philippines for centuries, and its regulation and control have been a contentious issue. Concerns about gambling include potential addiction, corruption, and illegal activities, as well as opposition from religious groups.

Publication: 12/09/2022

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PCSO Lotto results app available on Play Store [Android]

Pcsodraw.com can be accessed by our newest app. Download PCSO Lotto results app on Google Play Store. It is compatible with Android phones.

Publication: 11/05/2020

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How to claim PCSO Lotto winnings?

This is a short tutorial about claiming your lottery winnings in PCSO games in Philippines. Read it to know how to proceed after winning the lottery.

Publication: 11/03/2020

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PCSO Lotto games to resume on August 4th, 2020

PCSO is going to resume all lottery draws on 4th August. Before that there will be 15 days of catch-up draws for old tickets holders.

Publication: 07/22/2020

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PCSO lotto ticket price is reverted back to PHP 20

PCSO has made ticket price restructurisation and changed back its price to php 20. This was raised to php 24 because of tax reform in 2018.

Publication: 07/01/2020

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PCSO to provide financial assistance to 6,241 lotto agents

2020 Pandemic significantly reduced the revenue in gambling industry. PCSO is preparing financial assistance to these most hit lottery agents.

Publication: 05/26/2020

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PCSO Lotto draws suspended due to covid-19

Lotto, Digit games and Keno are suspended temporarily in the country starting March 17, 2020.

Publication: 03/19/2020

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PCSO Special Mini Sweepstakes Christmas Draw

Mini Sweepstakes Special Christmas Draw will be conducted December 23, 2018. Results, ticket prices and prizes are already known. This special offer is only for Christmas with the draw conducted day before.

Publication: 10/10/2018

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