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PCSO Special Mini Sweepstakes Christmas Draw

Wednesday 10 October, 2018

What will be the results of PCSO christmas draw?

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office announced on 9th October about conducting special lottery on December 23, 2018.

As we read in the article posted on official PCSO site, the Sweepstakes Office will conduct a draw of the special game named "Mini Sweepstakes Special Christmas Draw" on Sunday before Christmas 2018.

PCSO Christmas Draw ticket prices

- Php 6.00 per ticket share (inclusive of 20% DST)
- Php 30.00 per whole ticket (isangbanig)
- Php 300.00 per booklet
Sweepstakes Christmas Draw prizes

DividendPrize per Ticket SharePrize per Whole Ticket
1 x JackpotPHP 100,000.00PHP 500,000.00
1 x 2ndPHP 50,000.00PHP 250,000.00
1 x 3rdPHP 40,000.00PHP 200,000.00
2 x 4thPHP 15,000.00PHP 75,000.00
1 x RESPHP 7,272.72PHP 36,363.64

Results of Christmas Draw will be published December 23, 2018

Conducting annual Christmas lotteries is a tradition in many countries.