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The lottery shop owner gave back the lost ticket worth $2 million!

Published: September 3, 2018

What is the probability of meeting a sincere person? Is this value equal to the chance of winning a lottery? Maybe it's a bit cynical, but that's how we live our times. Behavior that used to be the routine now amazes us.

It seems that in an American store these values are equal and very precious! Not only people win here money, but the seller is widely respected for his honesty. If you accidentally throw the winning lottery ticket away, he will take it out of the bin and make sure you've not lost millions.

The owner is called Yoga and together with his wife Vila they run a shop located between the bank and the car park at the train station. Thanks to their location, they have many customers, including those who like to play draw-based games or scratches. Some people regularly come, even every day. One of such customers appears from time to time and buys various scratch cards and lottery tickets worth up to $250. We don't know his name, but Yoga, like other important customers, knows him personally. For the article, let's call him John.

As he used to do, John appeared in the shop on March 19th to acquire some lucky coupons. It was close to closing the shop. He sat with a pile of them and scratched them one by one giving them to Vila, who checked whether he had won something - he could also verify it by looking at the screen. When he finished his ritual scratching, he took away the minor payouts and threw a whole pile of empty vouchers into the dustbin.

Yoga appeared in the shop in the evening to check the list of transactions and withdrawals. Then he made an incredible discovery. It turned out that a coupon worth over $1.375 million was scanned, but the prize had not been approved for collection. Nobody declared themselves to be the winners either that day. The owner remembered then that his wife told him about John's visit, who had traditionally bought a tonne of scratch cards. At that time, he was almost sure that it must have been him - after all, few people play scratches that cost as much as $20 one.

The problem would be to check the monitoring because it didn't work that day anymore. So Yoga decided to dive into the rubbish bin. Of course, he found a lost play card and, with the help of his son, managed to locate the owner of the coupon to call him immediately to the shop. When John arrived on site, he handed him a card with text that John won millions. John was incredibly grateful to the salesman for his honesty - he could have taken the coupon, and nobody would have learned about the win. Besides, the honest Yoga helped him do the paperwork of declaring a victory with the lottery authorities.

Asked why he gave the coupon he said he didn't want anyone's money, it would be theft. His shop is visited by many people who win many times. It has become a place of worship. Thanks to his behavior, he retained another valuable and satisfied customer, who continues to play there.