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Belarus Lotto winner gave away the prize for Church!

Published: April 16, 2018

The winning lotto player donated only 10 million rubles for the Church's purposes (about Php 8.36 million), but it is a serious amount that he could not have had so easy in the past. Thanks to Superlotto in Belarus, he won 3 billion rubles. It is the equivalent of 2.5 billion Philippines pesos.

Hienadz Dziatko, because it's the person won this great prize, is a brigadier in tractor factory plants located in the city of Borisow. Why is this amount a lot for Belarus life conditions? It is on about 40 years of work in this country with the assumption of an average salary. Probably it is similar to our reality, here in the Philippines, but still, none of us would regret such a boost of cash. For Mr. Dziatko, it was a great shock. In the Philippines, however, the controversy would arise from the fact that he gave part of the money to the church, which is maintained by taxes (not only taxes of believers but all citizens).

Belarussian Super Lotto has been around for almost ten years. Prizes were often given as different items, not money. These were, for example, cars, apartments, gold bars.

Where the money of Lotto winners typically go?

  • Taxes - Very often in world lotteries, 10% to 30% of the win must be given to the tax office, but this is indeed not a joyous element. In some countries it is automatically deducted, in others (some US games) on an annual basis or when cashing out the lump sum at once.
  • Internet jokes - A few years ago, there was a big case when the new Lotto millionaire signed up on a certain internet portal and announced that he would give away some of the winnings to any person who would comment the post because he did not need money. Of course, it caused an avalanche of the comments of people who wanted to get some of this cake. As you can guess, the popularity was so great that eventually, everyone would get a not too big sum of money. But it probably was a joke, because the winner disappeared after soon.
  • Charity - And finally the most exciting and generous way - to help those in real need... Fortunately, a lot of players decide to make such a move, and we praise it! Congratulations to those who after winning can share with others.