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13.09.2018 - The hero of 9/11 wins $5 million in the lottery

Many people died during the 9/11 events over 17 years ago in New York. Many of them were firefighters, policemen and volunteers who wanted to help. Many years after one of them won the lottery. Read more..

03.09.2018 - The lottery shop owner gave back the lost ticket worth $2 million!

Player lost the ticket worth 2 000 000 dollars. He put it in a trash bin. The seller found it and returned to the player. It is a spirit we like. Remember that good deed always comes back. Read more..

22.08.2018 - A couple from a village in Kansas took $9.85 million in Lotto's jackpot

Another great story about kind people who deserved to win a big jackpot in a lottery game. Couple from Kansas won almost $10 million dollars, and were very reasonable when spending this money. Read more..

30.07.2018 - New PCSO Lotto ticket prices starting 23 July 2018 (UP 20%)!

Cost of playing popular lottery games in Philippines goes up 20% due to new TRAIN Law in our country. For example new Ultra Lotto price is Php24.00 and Mini Sweepstakes Php6.0. Check more new prices in article. Read more..

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