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Do you need luck to win PCSO Lotto?

Monday 31 July, 2017

win pcso using statistics

Have you won the lottery? Do you know why?

Does it take luck or math and statistics to win PCSO lottery?

The story of a retired doctor of mathematical science, specializing in statistical computing, has spread throughout the world a long time ago. In 2010 Joan R. Ginther won the lottery for the fourth time in her life. Given that the probability of winning once in life is very low, the four wins of Ms. Ginther started a big wave of speculation. Is it due to hard work or simply luck?! If you conceive her professional specialty, it is difficult to resist the impression that she was not just born under a lucky star.

In the span of seventeen years, Ms. Ginther's wallet was funded by a $20 million bag of money. Playing "Texas Lottery" was lucky for her. A scratch card in 1993, with a win amount of 5.4 million dollars. For the second time, fate smiled to her in 2006, when her account was credited a little less, because of only 2 million dollars. The situation repeated two years later when the prize was $ 3 million. It's not all. The last award turned out to be the biggest, which was $ 10 million.

What is more suspicious is that three out of four of Ginther's winning tickets were bought in the same place - in Bishop, while she lives permanently in Los Angeles. The organizers of the Texas Lottery to this day claim that no system or deception was discovered, and Mrs. Ginther has a great fortune in life. Really?

Lucky winners - soon broken

By referring to statistics, it can be acknowledged that over eighty percent of PCSO Lotto millionaires lose their fortunes in ten years. It may seem impossible to you, but the reality turns out to be brutal. Any amount of cash can be squandered as you can see.

The problem falls into the lack of money management skills. We are not talking about a complicated investment plan but the running a necessary home budget. If someone can't do it with small earnings, he would not magically acquire that knowledge by getting massive Lotto win. Very often, the lottery winners take risky decisions, then hiding the fact that the investment turns out to be lossy, they can't afford anything.

Lucky winning the lottery may turn out to be a curse. Suddenly there is a lot of trouble for the person - how to protect against thieves and mafia, how to keep money in secret, who can he or she say about the good fortune. After the initial joy, there is deep fear in mind.

Although the chance of hitting Lotto is close to.. nothing, it is a good idea to draw up a plan for "life after the win" - not only for dreams but above all, for the financial security of your future.

Maybe, give luck to other people? PCSO Ticket as wedding present

We live in a world where the wave of consumerism and the variety of available products overwhelms almost everybody. Having such a wide choice of products, it is not easy to decide. This is much more difficult than if you had to deal with ten items to choose from. The paradox of choice comes to your mind when your wife tells you she hasn't got anything nice to dress... although her wardrobe is full.

But what can you buy to make a smile on somebody's face, to surprise, and give a healthy dose of adrenaline?

Recently Lotto gifts - scratches, already filled Lotto coupons, or Quick Picks becomes increasingly popular at weddings. Some say that such Lotto gifts are supposed to bring happiness to young marriage. Is this real? Even if coupons or scratchcards do not turn out to be worth millions of pesos, you can repeat a proverb - who is not lucky in the cards, is lucky in love.