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What to do if you win the Lottery?

Wednesday 04 October, 2017

after winning lottery

Imagine you won 1 third of $564 million jackpot as one woman (mother of four children) in North Carolina did, 2015. Chances for this are like 1 in 175 million. What would you do if you win this amount of money?

Philippines PCSO lottery is very widely known in the country. It's needless to say everybody plays Lotto some time. The same situation is in the USA. American players bought tickets with 70 billion dollars in 2014.

Did you win big?

After acknowledging you won check the numbers one more time. We know you did it already twenty times. But do it one more time with a different source. Results are to find on youtube, on our page, and on Pcso Gov. page. Next what you need to do is:

1. Don't tell anyone
- It's tough but needed. It is ok not telling even your wife or husband. History knows situations when a partner of lottery winner dropped one small word about the winnings, and the whole village started to come to their doors and beg for the money. All the time, seriously.

2. Sign the ticket
- Simply get a pen and sign the ticket backward with your handwriting name and surname. Do not use a pencil because it can get erased.

3. Take a photo or a movie
- It is essential to make some another prove of the ticket. Take o photo of the card with your face visible on it. You can even make a short video because nobody will be able to forge such evidence of your win. Nobody will steal from you, because the ticket will be unusable.

4. Claim ticket with a phone call
- You have quite much time to collect money, but first, you can call to announce to Pcso that you win and you are going to claim the prize. Depending on the lottery you can have up to a year to claim. Check Pcso Gov. site to be sure. Be sure to also check our tutorial on how to claim pcso lotto prize.

5. Hire financial adviser or a lawyer
- You may need to figure out some things before coming for the prize. You would like to be anonymous. Also, you need to figure out with lottery directors how your award will be delivered to you (bank account eg.).

6. Taxes
- if there are taxes, the lawyer will help you with managing it.

Knowing this don't try to win for any cost possible. Don't blow all your money for playing lottery tickets. The chances are minimal. They are smaller than being struck by lightning.

Smart lottery winners

Very often big winners lose their money in a year! But we are happy to say that some people are smarter when it comes to managing big money.

1. Peter Lavery got 10 million pounds reacher. He was an ordinary bus driver. He quit the job but later started to work even harder. With the money he won, he bought a big house and a nice car. He gave much money to the charity. He has given generously to his family members. Rest of the money he used for business. Now it turns out he has over 30 properties and is working on some new project that will give him stable, even bigger money income. He likes to keep his business in secret, but many found out that he already tripled his 10 million winning. For example, he has opened a whiskey distillery business.

2. When Brad Duke won Powerball $220 million he was already an investor. Back then he already owned five gyms franchise. This man kept his job because he wanted to become a billionaire. After taking lump sum prize of $86 million, he doubled it in one year. He even developed a system to keep winning some smaller amounts of money...

3. Richard Lustig won lottery 7 times. He wrote a book "Learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery" he is mainly famous for. Anyway, his winnings were probably only matter of luck. Although, he became famous on tv because people believed him. But remember - winning big in the lottery is only luck. What's more, nobody knows how much Lustig invested in tickets and how much exactly he won. He was smart enough to write a book and on behave of people's needs he earned huge money selling systems that can't work.

4. Thompson couple won 2 million pounds in 1995 and still in 2010's they get profits. They were so smart they knew that having 2 million pounds is not reach but only good wealth. They quit their jobs and decided to buy a "bed and breakfast" business. Then they bought a restaurant. They worked hard many hours every day in the restaurant. Their lives changed, and they earned a lot of money after winning the lotto.

5. West couple won biggest single Powerball jackpot. They hired a financial advisor who told them to make a monthly budget of 100,000 $ which was stupid and way too much. They bought houses for the family and invested rest of the money. Afer all these years they are still working in their jobs.

6. Les Robins, a teacher won $117 million Powerball jackpot back in 1993. He bought large land and organized vacations for children. Winegator Camp is for children to escape internet, electronic devices, facebook, etc. to enjoy other activities like gym, stable, a pool, golf course. He wanted kids to be doing what he was doing when he was young.

As you see, after winning the lottery you can be reasonable!