Visual PCSO Lottery results maps

Choose below the lotto game you want to show on the map. You will see a colorful results map. Every PCSO game is possible to generate.

What game?

How many draws to show?

Lotto maps - how to use?

This is how exemplary results map looks like (for Swertres):

lotto swertres graphical results map

  1. Choose your favourite game
  2. Choose how many lines to show you?
  3. Each line is a single draw
  4. Numbers arechecked with color
  5. These are the numbers that were drawn that day

The results map show you the neat "print" of the lottery results. Consecutive draws are represented in lines - check the dates to know exactly. As you see the latest draw is always in the bottom. Coming from the top to the bottom you can see how the numbers were drawn in the past.

With this graphical representation you see some chaotic shapes. Using your sight you can sometimes predict what's coming next. We are giving you this lotto tool as the only one in the Filipino internet.Have muchfun using this! Tell your friends, maybe they will profit with this useful lottery graphic tool?