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How the lottery win has changed the life of the worker in UK

Published: March 28, 2018

Few years ago, the results of the national Lotto from Great Britain (National Lottery) were very happy for Thomas Dunning and his partner Gina Meikle, because thanks to lucky numbers they won 8 million pounds. This is about PHP 589,7 million now.

As it is common in foreign lotteries, on the internet, you can find a photo of this winner with a big check sitting in a beautiful new car. Thomas comes from Falkirk, a city inhabited by almost 150,000 people in Scotland. After winning, he decided to quit his job at the factory.

The exact amount of this happy couple winnings amounted to 7,864,529 pounds and caused a great shock after the Saturday draw. Thomas was not even conscious of winning. When he was about to go to sleep, he got a phone call from a girlfriend. She knew the numbers he tended to send every week and informed him about the win in short soldier's words - "Turn on tv, you've just won". It ended that they did not sleep a minute or so of that night.

Now that the couple is already millionaires, they decided to get off the hard work at the food factory, where they spent almost 15 years. They plan to buy a home from the top shelf and a perfect car. This is a somewhat surreal situation, when life, thanks to money, changes by 180 degrees. Thomas in interviews assured that such cash would not change him as a human. His work colleagues were not too jealous, on the contrary, they were thrilled that it affected one of them. On Sunday after the draw, as every day, Thomas went to work, with a winning coupon in his pocket. He resigned on Monday. It is impossible not to mention the tv lotto advertisement, in which the employee, after winning, is late for work and when asked and the reason for being late, he tells about a big win.

Source: national-lottery.co.uk