The homeless Man changes his life through a big lottery win!

Thursday 16 November, 2017

lucky homeless man wins lottery

A very good self-preservation instinct was shown by a homeless man from Hungary (Europe). He, thanks to a big jackpot win in the lottery, has completely changed his life. He made it having the knowledge of the true value of money. Most of people living in prosperity lack of this sense and waste money for unnecessary things.

The story of Laszlo Andraschka can be an inspiration for us. He struggled with alcoholism, but has not been drinking for five years now. As he spoke during the RTL television interview, he prayed for some money during his wanderings. He wanted to live normally, and he did not expect too much. He comes from Hungary, and about his big win the lottery world learned in February 2014. A lucky ticket was purchased by Laszlo in Gyor, with his last money in September 2013. He did not even know how many numbers should be picked in lottery..

Andraschek won 600 million forint which is about 114,7 million pesos. The pool was quite large compared to our PCSO Lotto's. The next day after the draw, Laszlo learned that he was lucky. He cted very reasonably and since then has bought a hous for himself and his wife, and also for the children. He never refused to help other family members. The "luxury" thing he has bought was flat screen TV. In an interview, Laszlo also revealed that he was planning to visit his brother in Canada and set up a foundation for alcoholics who could help them in a comprehensive way. A large portion of the prize was donated to build a shelter for the homeless people.