Latest lotto results - Philippines

Ultralotto 6/58 - results

17 01 08 24 39 07

23-Feb-2018Draw info

HOT: 53 COLD: 20
Jackpot for 23.02.2018 is PHP49,500,000.00

Grandlotto 6/55 - results

04 43 36 23 02 38

21-Feb-2018Draw info

HOT: 05 COLD: 38
Jackpot for 21.02.2018 is PHP29,700,000.00

Superlotto 6/49 - results

19 15 10 26 46 44

11-Feb-2018Draw info

HOT: 19 COLD: 46
Jackpot for 22.02.2018 is PHP41,902,443.00

Megalotto 6/45 - results

04 45 30 31 06 02

23-Feb-2018Draw info

HOT: 04 COLD: 30
Jackpot for 23.02.2018 is PHP22,620,594.00

Lotto 6/42 - results

18 30 41 27 35 25

22-Feb-2018Draw info

HOT: 30 COLD: 39

Jackpot for 22.02.2018 is PHP10,947,436.00

4-Digit Lotto - results

8 2 1 0

23-Feb-2018Draw info
Jackpot for 23.02.2018 is PHP10,000.00

6-Digit Lotto - results

2 6 4 1 1 9

22-Feb-2018Draw info
Jackpot for 22.02.2018 is PHP794,225.00

PCSO Swertres - results

4 5 7 : 11:00
1 6 6 : 16:00
6 7 1 : 21:00
Draw info

PCSO EZ 2 - results

28 30 : 11:00
28 04 : 16:00
29 09 : 21:00
Draw info

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New and past Philippines PCSO Lotto draw results

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History of PCSO lottery games

PCSO is Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office responsible for organizing draws. It is government controled corporation.

Loteries existed in Philippines from 1833, conducted by spanish government. "Loteria" stopped operations because of revolutions and wars. In 1932 first Sweepstakes draw took place. PCSO launched first game in 1995. It was called Lotto, and players choose 6 numbers from 1 to 42. I was available online. In current shape Philippines lttery started to emerge in 2006.

There are many beneficients of taxes you pay playing Lotto. The part of the pool always goes to charity. PCSO helps Filipino people mainly through free medical and dental services. Also helping people hurt in disasters, etc.

Where to check PCSO lotto results?

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