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04.07.2018 - Plumber wins big in U.S. Powerball Lottery

Plumber who won big in US Powerball on 2015 almost forgot about the ticket completely. He was likely to miss big cash out because he thought he didn't win anything at all, as his friend - bartender said. Read more..

12.06.2018 - He had a ban on playing scratch cards, and he won million dollars!

The girlfriend of his banned him to play scratch cards, so he played in secret and won big prize. Read the story that has happened few years ago in Livonia in USA. Can you believe this luck? Read more..

10.05.2018 - He stole sunglasses, ignoring a lottery ticket worth millions!

Pair of players from United States almost lost their winning ticket. Fortunately the thief was not able to see it laying next to pair of sunglasses, he decided to steal from their car. Read more..

16.04.2018 - Belarus Lotto winner gave away prize for Church!

Lotto winners tend to be selfish when they win huge amount of the money. But not this player from Belarus who decided to give some of the prize for the Church. What would you do with your win? Read more..

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